Wednesday, September 1, 2010

carpe dime

Went to Ikea, bought mini dime bars...made dime bar cupcakes! MMMMM! My brain has turned to mush from all the sugar but I want another one! NOm nOM noM

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Oh yes it is A BUNNY IN A KIMONO

I made a crappy batik of vegetables so I transformed it into A MINI KIMONO. I am much more excited than bunny is, he refuses to wear it even though I told him how incredibly handsome he looks in it. Pauly was interested, being a snappy dresser, but unfortunately it is too bunny-sized for him *sigh* I am so under-appreciated...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cosy for yer choons

A little i-pod cosy I made fer meself, but I can make you one too if you like! ;) It is quilted and super cosy and has day of the dead skulls on cos skulls are COOL. I have that on good authority.

Retail therapy

Had a bit of a mifty splurge today. Am supposed to be saving for Japan (eee!) but I really did need some new shoes and pretty star shaped le crueset ramekins I SWEAR. Anyway it cheered me up no end and sure that's the main thing heh heh. Plus now I can make creme brulee and mini brioche and petit pots au chocolat and mmm *shlarm*....

Monday, May 31, 2010


IT"S OOON! The exhibition that is- 25th of june at 8pm in the liffey studios newbridge (above johnsons pub) be there or be A LOSER!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

cupcake apron

I made this apron for my friend Lizbury for her birthday, you can't really see but it says 'LIZ' on the pocket, oooh yeah! My siblings jumped at the chance to do a spot of modelling, aren't they gawjus!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Started editioning some prints for the exhibition, dear god it's tiring! Also I suck at editioning, not sure I'm fastidious enough to be a printer really! Ah well. Someone make me dinner please. *Zonk*

Friday, May 14, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Exhibition is ONNNNN! Woop! It shall be end of June in the liffey studios, Newbridge. Will post the details when finalised, hope y'all can come! ^_^

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


New etsy site just up! So if there's anything you fancy you can get it there or just drop me a line ^_^


This is my favourite - turquoise and hematite, and with a lovely satin ribbon to top it off with, sorted!
It's got amethyst at the centre anyways, not sure what the rest are to be honest! Haha I may read up on my gemstones! Oh oh the pinky ones at the side are rose quartz...aha and there's two little purply freshwater pearls in there too..Yeah I know things... The main thing is it's PRETTY! ^_^

turquoise+tiger's eye necklace

A turquoise and tiger's-eye necklace I made this morning. I woke up early, well half nine, that's early for me! It's a bit confusing but I'm feeling very productive, I was first in to Chuffey Towers! Sure I was on facebook but still, hehe ^_^

cupcake fabric

Lizzie got me this fabric yesterday, I love it! Going to make a cute 50's style dress with it, well attempt to, and possibly another apron to wear when I'm baking, yay!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

happy bunnys

These squishy happy bunnys were made as silly little gifts for my friend Lizbury and my mum. Sometimes I just like to make things to put a smile on someone's face


Yup that's my face! Both of 'em in fact, take that how you will. This kinda happened by accident and I LIKE IT! Call me vain...

strawberry+marscapone cake

CAAAKE!! I can't wait for the strawberries to be ready so I can make this again! Mum nearly went into a diabetic coma after a piece of this, oh yes it was THAT good!

lucky devils

The lucky devils! I think they look quite menacing, especially that one in the corner, other people don't seem so convinced. Chuffey Towers is awash with these, everyone knows you can't be a designer without one of these! Mine's the particularly dopey looking one in the middle... say nothing...


A felt table-runner. It kinda looks like a pond with goldfish in..or is that just me? o_O


Dewishous cupcakes! Am very into cupcake-making lately, it's a great way to bribe people into thinking you're amazing. Also very useful to bring to the pub to exchange for free drinks huzzah! Actually a bit TOO useful...


An embellished felty bracelet with (sort-of) matching earrings, Cara may recognise these as her xmas pressie hehe!

camera case

A squishy-dishy paisley case I made for my camera. The little pocket at the front is for a spare memory card.


A big felt bracelet, or armlet, inspired by the sea. Mainly made so big to cover a scar on my arm I got from trashing a vespa oops


Some decorative felt baubles I made, embellished with semi-precious stones and beads and strung on pretty satin ribbon, with a cute little box too!